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Hijacked (BO2 Remake) 1.1

Another great Hugo BO2 remake of Hijacked!

  1. TacTicToe

    Enjoy another great release form Hugo. A remake of Hjacked from Black Ops 2.

    * map: mp_box_hjacked
    * Version: 1.0
    * Type: Release
    * Previous Version: Beta 5, full playable.
    * Info: Free version, based on hijacked map for bo2 game
    * Update: Fast files new, iwd file no changes.
    Update v1.0 04/08/2016 ( DD MM YY )

    Some xmodels to terrain.
    Replaced tunnel to terrain
    Add/edited lighting-shadows ( best lightmap if "turn light off").
    Edited shadows.
    Edited LOD scale .
    Fixed heli start position.
    Moved some spawn point to best closed place.

    Update v1.1 10/08/2016 ( DD MM YY )

    Moved sd and sab entities.
    Added custom dvar: hjacked_birds_sound ,0 to disable birds sound.
    Gim stairs, converted to clip weapon to let flat floor clip with player.
    Added complete vision file settings.

    Big Mod tested (offline): Bo2 v4 ( mit)
    HAve FUn playing !