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CoD4X MP patch 1.8

Patch for CoD4 MP that fixes a lot of issues left over from IW.

  1. TacTicToe

    So the following bugfixes/features are now added:

    No crash after downloading content.
    No crash when the recording device is missing. This fixes the no microphone crash issue.
    No CDKEY stealing - Client will disconnect you when a server tries to open the CDKEY-Menu.
    IPv6 networking has been added. Yes you can now connect to a server with such an address: [2001:41d0:8:1b2c::1]:28961
    Stats won't get encoded anymore.
    Modded servers are now in serverbrowser displayed again properly.
    You can display an external console.
    Updateoption from Main-menu

    #1 Download the CoD4X 1.8 Patch.exe installer from ugiclan.com
    #2 Open the installer and proceed with the installation process.
    #3 Please select your cod4 installation directory during the setup and make sure all files goes directly to your cod4 directory.
    #4 Backup your profiles folder before installation. [in case of any emergency]
    #5 It is done. Now Run your CoD4 with the command iw3mp.exe +exec client.cfg to see the changes.

    #1 Go into your CoD4 installation directory.
    #2 Delete "mss32.dll" and "main/localized_english_iw07.iwd".
    #3 Rename the file "miles32.dll" into "mss32.dll".
    #4 Restore your backed up profiles folder.
    #5 It is done. Now run your CoD4 to restore your previous 1.7 patch.
    [The uninstallation process will partially uninstall the CoD4X 1.8 Client from your cod4 game]

    Start CoD4 with the following command-line: iw3mp.exe +sysconsole +exec client.cfg

Recent Reviews

  1. karm_11111
    Version: 1.8
    gooood thank you very much