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Aug 11, 2014
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USA East


Clan Founder, Male, from USA East

Staff Member Homefront Server Admin Battlefield 3 Server Admin Black Ops Server Admin Bad Company 2 Server Admin Clan Member

Chillin like a villain! Aug 15, 2014

    1. Uncle Fausto
      Uncle Fausto
      Whenever you're around, can you look at my appeal as well? I've been trying to get it lifted for like 4+ months now.
    2. IceCapped
      Could you look at my appeal please?
    3. GIMoe
      Why does my rank keep resetting back to 56?? This has happened several times now. Very frustrating. Am I missing a file??
    4. AnthonyC
      I have a 20 player COD4 server at game servers. Used to belong to the DEA clan as a Server Owner. Don't have much time to play any more, but when I do, I like playing your COD4 server. I wanted to know if you want a second 20 user server for another format.
    5. mrDeath
      Hello will you please listen to my appeal?

      kind regards

    6. BigBoy
      Hey TacTicToe where is the application to become a member for TKC ?
    7. farolbmx
      alguém sabe se a nexos caiu por que não consigo logar o jogo!
    8. rage
      Greetings TacTicToe,
      3-4 times a year I host a LAN party (8-12 people) and we love CoD4.
      I was trying to run a local server with a config like yours. How can I achieve that?
      The openwarfare mod website is down and the map pack in the Downloads area does not contain all the maps the server has.
      Do you have any tips on how I could set up a LAN server with the mod and map setup you have?
    9. Saatana
      If you could make more admins for BFBC2 it would help the game a lot. I've recently bought the game for Steam and go back and forth but it's tough to play here because of hackers. A few of us applied when we asked oldmanmoz to get a message thru to you.
      1. chrissdks likes this.
    10. ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      Also was wondering if my admin status could be raised to another level,,i have been playing there alot now and have pretty much hit the 400 game level at this point,,would also consider a further donation,,,,thanks for the great servers man !!!
    11. ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      Hey Tac,,I cant get into the cod custom map server anymore,,i get "Script Admin Kicked" when i try,,think you could check that out?? thx alot
    12. Teriyaki
      Hey TacTicToe I sent in an application to become a server admin for TKC Black Ops Server and was hoping you have recieved it and taken a look at it.
    13. [DFg]DJF-1975
      I used a bad "racist" word in the server. Just wanted to own up to it and be like. " so what" peeps do it in multiple languages on your server all the time. Cheers.
    14. MadCatzRat7
      hey TacTicToe can you accept me we trying to ban players but bbbot is down can you restart it for bo1
    15. wehz
      TacTicToe, I'm the one who resets the Black Ops 1 Server when it's down, bigbrotherbot has been down for over a week, I need you to accept my friend request on steam. The server is overrun with hackers and some members have even left because of this, add me on steam ASAP.
    16. Higgs Boson
      Higgs Boson
      Hey Tic Tack, Higgs Boson/ gnesh here. I am trying to do a in game Ban [3arc]Tucker Ryan in Black Ops Nuke Town. I am unable to do it using <@ban name reason> can you hook a brothA UP?
    17. ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      Hey Tac, just curious about the Ranking,,3 different times I have been at 59 and then i will go play a couple games on a diff server then when i come back im at 56 ,WTF,,i would have been at 63 or 64 by now,, do you know why it does that??
    18. PrinceX
      bro i was kicked from the game...reason its showing WH,Smoke Test....i dont use wall hack man...loot at my stats......and what is smoke test...i dont even know
    19. ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      well i guess not,,just added tags but the server wouldnt let me join, script admin kick
    20. ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      ^1ZigZag ^4Blooze
      so i am assuming i could go ahead and put some tags on , just let me know otherwise,thx
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